Word of the Day


Word of the day is, “Ican’tbelievethisisfuckinghappening.”

At ten pm Tuesday I got my passport stolen. I was resigned to staying in Seattle for at least a few more days and getting a new backpack, new passport, new CLOTHES. But early Wednesday morning Joanne and I went to the passport office and with about 15 minutes to spare – with me saying the Word of the Day repeatedly – I got a passport, made it to the airport and hopped on the plane with next to nothing in my small day pack. No problem.

A long 20 hours later we’re in Singapore. It’s warm and HUMID and smells amazing. Already I’m reminded of India, mostly for the feelings of A) weather that’s 100% dissimilar to anything in Seattle and B) being a racial minority. I’m sure today it will diverge and become its own city.

Travis already sent me an email about this, as he had a similar experience in Mongolia, but on Tuesday night I realized what this is all about. I wanted to go to Singapore – I didn’t have any clothes or a backpack or my specialty microphones for recording the world around me. I didn’t have sandals or medication or travelers checks nor my favorite backpack that’s taken me around the world. But I wanted to go. I kinda just realized that the point of traveling is taking me – Mike, with or without x – to a place that makes me nervous, uncomfortable, fascinated. The only things REALLY necessary are passport, debit card, toothbrush. And in my case, a journal. Thank god that wasn’t stolen. The rest can be bought if it’s really needed.

Az and I are safe and sound and ready to explore Singapore this morning. We took an ambien last night that knocked us on our asses, and now we’re ready to go at 7:30am.

Have a good one.



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