Mike’s Hair

As you may know, Mike has been growing his hair out for the past few months from the buzz cut that he has been sporting since Barcelona 2004 when we tossed his long locks into the sea, as he claims “from whence they came.” The goal was ultimately to have hair long enough to look like an Argentine soccer player in preparation for our trip to South America (see Argentine soccer players, left). The result is that his hair now sports several “features” at any given time, meaning the back will go down, while the side will go out and the front curl will go around and the other side, up. The question now remains, should his locks return once again to their home in the sea or should they continue to grow towards the goal? Will his hair ever be ready for the headbands and leather straps that he desires, or should he go back to the more conservative clean-cut hairstyle of past years? I know we don’t have many readers at this time, but help!



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7 responses to “Mike’s Hair

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Azure and Mike….it seems his hair was looking pretty handsome a couple weeks ago on the docks…as I recall I even told him how good he looks. BUT I did not notice all the flips and curls so I guess I like it longer and as it grows won’t those curls tame down??? Good luck!! Love, CAri

  2. Anonymous

    Like Mike’s hair any way he chooses to wear it!

  3. Nicole

    I say, when in rome, do as the argentinians.

  4. Kim and Adam

    I vote for keeping it long… it will be fun to come home and have us all say “My how your hair has grown!” 🙂
    Plus I’ve heard that we’re going to have a major league soccer team in Seattle… Mike will fit right in.

  5. Miss Smiley

    Keep it long n’ crazy

  6. Arnie

    Let it grow so I can see what mine would be like.

  7. Anonymous

    Dec. 16. I am really liking your locks Mike. Keep it long!! They will tame down with length. I am totally enjoying your pictures and writings….makes me want to go see it all. Hope this becomes a travel book for the enlightened!! I really don’t have much in the gossip relm….but am enjoying all your news.

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