Las Drogas!

We tried to bypass the disorientation of jetlag by drugging ourselves on the plane – at Chilean bedtime we popped Ambiens and then ate a quick dinner before it all descended into funniness.  We were filling out our customs forms and I looked over at Azure looking at me like something was terribly confusing.  I asked if she was ok and she couldn't muster a coherent answer, so I assumed the drogas were doing their thing and knocking her out.

I grabbed her forms and looked back at mine, but the entire plane started moving in slow-mo, even when nothing was moving.  I was out after that, too, and woke up 6 hours later to find Azure's name only half-written on her forms, some of the letters shaped wrong… just general incoherence.  I remember during the sleep sprawling out so my legs were all the way across the aisle, my rationale being that it was unused space, anyway.

Somehow that round didn't correct our jetlag.  Maybe we timed it wrong.  Last night at 1:30am we both woke up and couldn't fall back asleep, so after talking, reading and messing around on our camera, we took another half Ambien each to try to fix it.
About 10 minutes later Azure asked, "How many emails do you get in person each week?"
I wondered what she meant by "in person," but answered anyway.  "Oh, probably 20-25."
She looked at me.  "What?"
"You just asked me a question… do you remember what it was?" I said.
"Do we need witnesses to go to the center?"


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  1. Karin

    Hey! Glad you made it! I also recently (Monday) used some Ambien magic to make it through my flight. While I didn’t have as an exciting experience as you, i took mine a little too early and could not even stand up straight on my way to my seat. I was worried they weren’t going to let me fly. Best drunken feeling ever (no hang over)! I woke up as we were landing. Heaven. I’m gonna be using it from here on out!

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