First night in Mendoza

One of the great things about staying with a Servas host is that–if you can understand them, which I can only sometimes do– they can tell you all of the cool things to do in their city. The fist night we were here, Francisco Moron, our host showed us where the main square was and the outdoor dining. Since I have developped a hate-hate relationship with our guidebook (For the record, I do not recommend Footprints), these suggestions of where to go were really appreciated. We immediately and easily found ourselves in the main square of town on a night when there was live music and all of the city´s youth converged to flirt and dance amongst the fountains and craft booths that were set up. This was the first time that we found real handmade stuff and not mass produced items that we found in Chile. I almost bought a $40 shawl and a nice neclace, but decided that I didn´t want to carry it. We also saw a ton of individual drinking glasses ¨Yerba Matte¨ made from gords, wood, or pottery with metal details that supposedly each person in Argentina has. They also come with a metal straw. (Sorry mom, it is too early in the trip to carry yours, but you would have loved them)

The other thing that we found that made us really excited about Argentina is that we had a beer each and peanuts at one of the outdoor tables for AP$8, which translates to US$2.60. Crap, it is like Europe 2000!!!



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3 responses to “First night in Mendoza

  1. JoAnne

    Mendoza and your hosts patio sound magical. You are young and can carry an extra couple of yerba matte’s. Just remember all those boats I helped you with! And a shawl…maybe you should have packed the bag you got in Thailand! Sounds like wonderful shopping at the markets.

  2. Joe Goldberg

    His name is Moron?! Ha!

  3. Mike

    It´s funny because ¨joe goldberg¨ actually means ¨moron¨ in Spanish!

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