Mendoza Servas

Ok, so we are finally finding out how hard it is to post as much as we expect others to post (sorry Kim and Adam for harassing you while in Europe). Let´s start with most recently. We are currently in Mendoza, Argentina, which is the heart of wine country. The city itself is extremely European. It has pedestrian streets and outdoor dining, similar to Barcelona, except a little smaller. We are staying with an 85 year old Servas host about 20 minutes away from the center by bus. For those of you who don´t know, we signed up for a homestay organization called Servas that is somehow associated with the UN to promote peace through understanding of other people and cultures through direct contact with them. His place is in a neighborhood that reminds me of middle class L.A., lots of palt trees and terra cotta-esque ramblers that are kept looking nice on the outside. His house is a little dingy, but he has the most amazing patio that actually smells like flowers. Mike was commenting about how he wished there was actually a place that smelled like flowers and then the next day we found it. He runs his garden hose on drip all the time to make a fountain noise and has grape vines running over the patio. He has a mosaic table and benches and an outdoor fireplace. (when we get our photos uploaded, I´ll post one of it)


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