Buenos Aires!

We arrived in Buenos Aires today after a 14 hour bus ride from Mendoza. We're staying with my American cousin and her husband, both of whom run 'virtual businesses,' as they call them. Their daughter Tallia is finishing her second year of college at 17 here as well. Tom has a company that sells magnetic bracelets in the US (he set up his company, hired someone to run it in Portland, and manages it from abroad) and Maya writes weekly articles about mindfulness and has several blogs. She recently signed a deal with Random House to write a book that's broadly about alternative education.

They've been excellent hosts in the first half-day we've been here, already taking us out to a great lunch & dinner. All three of them are warm, welcoming, interesting and intelligent. Being ex-pats, they have perspective on the US that's clear-headed and refreshing.

I'm inspired by their lifestyle, it's essentially the same as the lifestyle Azure and I practice while traveling, but they live it in 'real life' as well: they wake up and go to coffee, sit in their wonderful apartment and listen to music, talk, go to lunch, nap, then work a couple hours when everyone wakes up in the US. Work, for Tom, consists largely of emailing to make sure everything is going as it should back in Oregon.

We love BA so far – it's very European but affordable. Tomorrow we're heading off to look for a neighborhood to rent an apartment!


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