Impressions of BA

Thanks to Tom & Maya & Talya it's been a very soft landing in Buenos Aires. The entire time we've been here they've been raving about BA and its barrios, cafes, vegetable markets, delivery system for anything you want… So I asked Tom and Talya (separately) what wasn't right with BA. What's its fatal flaw?

Talya thought about it for a minute, searched for an answer, and said something along the lines of, "Sometimes the sidewalks have dog poop on them," which is much more manageable than, say, race riots. Paris has race riots AND lots of dog poop, so it has BA beat by a long shot.

Tom was unable to come up with anything.

Buenos Aires is a European city almost lifted up and set down in South America. All the things Az and I love about Paris, Barcelona and Lisbon are here: great cafe/street life (that often doesn't get started until late late. Talya's friend called last night at 2 to see if she was coming out), tons of unique art & handicrafts, every street is mixed commercial on the ground floor and residential above, parks, tree-lined streets, great public transportation. But it has the advantages over Europe of being a latin country with its requisite warm people, and the obvious price differences.

We're still getting to know this huge city. We're looking for an apartment this weekend, which means we get to explore different neighborhoods with the idea in mind, "we could live here by that cafe
or there by the park or here next to the flea market…"


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  1. Azure

    And Italy! It takes these people forever to eat dinner. I love it! I love it!

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