Hello, Buenos Aires

Mike making his debut on the streets of BA. I was actually trying to take a picture of the restaurant behind him because they have real chandeliers in the outside dining section. But, mike likes attention, so here he is.

Just a little walking tour we did yesterday of Palermo. Tom and Maya (Tom especially) have been taking us on great tours of the city. Yesterday, Mike and I decided to go out on our own and see if we could make it back. We brought a map of course, but ended up snaking through a lot of Palermo. There are so many parts and so many details to the city. I know these pictures will not do it justice, of course, but everywhere you look, there is creativity. It is like if you took the trendiest places in Seattle and just lined them up all over. Mind you, I only really had my camera going hardcore for about 4 blocks and these were the highlights. I’m sure others could walk one street off of our path and find a whole other set of great buildings.

I love what some stores and restaurants do to the sidewalks here. Again, I know I am a sucker for outside dining, but some of the setups are so nice. I saw one store that pained the whole sidewalk in front of it an aquamarine color, like a carpet outside. It was very alluring. The rose bouquets in the background were so detailed and I love the checker board sidewalk.

This is Mike’s favorite building. He thinks that a whole town should be painted in black with gold trim. **SPOILER** Expect a gold headband in his future.

One of the great things about the neighborhoods is that there are cafes on pretty much ever corner. This one in particular had a really beautiful look with the ivy over the awning.

This is an old mansion that has been neglected. Many of them have been restored and used as homes for businesses. The Nike store, for instance is housed in an old mansion with tons of different rooms. I’m sure this one will be bought soon and fixed up. It is sandwiched between two apartment buildings.


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  1. JoAnne

    after looking at these pictures, we went to your flicker account, no wonder you love this city…your photos are fantastic

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