Seize the Cow!

The other night we went to dinner at a place in BA called Siga la Vaca.  You pay 40 pesos (13.3333333 dollars) and in return you get a full bottle of wine (for each person!), a pretty good salad bar and all you can eat meat from the grill.

At this point I should clarify something: I am not lying. 

The enormous grill has fillets mignons, tenderloin, ribs, intestines, chicken breast & pig parts… we by no means exhausted our options and when we go back I'd like to figure out what else is there.  Spotted owl?  Maybe.

People often ask how we can travel to all these places we don't speak the language.  If you were walking up to a grill and you wanted pork ribs or a medium-rare beef steak, how would you communicate that?

Azure, Taeko, Tally, Cow, Maya, Tom, Mike


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  1. Sue

    just because i don’t comment often, doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy the posts! maybe when you guys come back, you can compile it and transform all of it into a book or something? there is this really great self-publishing internet thing (you upload a pdf and they print it and bind it for you so it is totally a “real” book; that’s how i printed my thesis book): could be fun!

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