Something to look at

Punta del Diablo moonshine

I learned a lot about using our camera in Uruguay and this is one of my favorite pictures – a 15-second exposure of the ocean at night (this was late, no sunlight in this picture). It’s too grainy, and I think that’s an ISO issue… still learning, but I like it anyway.

That night the land actually looked like the edge of a sphere – a rock rolling in space – and the horizons were thresholds instead of limits.

The first time I got on an international flight alone I saw all these people (especially in business class) who seemed, somehow, to be participating in the most broad sphere of human communication… the bankers who regularly go from Singapore to London to Bombay and watch CNN and read the Herald Tribune in the top floors of nice hotels… international people’s chatter. I remember admiring them because they traveled these enormous distances as if it were nothing special, I remember wanting to be like them. I, in fact, made a goal that by the time I was 30, I wanted to be traveling internationally like it was no big deal, a weekend trip.

But I can see what a curse that would be, to not be in awe of something special. When I looked at the horizon that night in Uruguay, I felt like I could see the broadest sphere of communication, and CNN was not involved.


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  1. Sue

    i LOVE this photo! it is so gorgeous. thanks for sharing!

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