Wild Night Out

We spent our New Years countdown outside a restaurant trying to get champagne because everything in BA was shut down. What did you do?

Our night started out as all great New Years eves start out, with big plans and Paul van Dyk rave tickets. For those of you who don’t know who Paul van Dyk is, you are obviously a big loser. And by that I mean, I had no idea who he was either until Tally told us he was one of the top 5 DJs in the world, not #1, but maybe #2 or #3.

But to start at the beginning, we made a 6 course Italian meal for the family, bruschetta, salad, pasta, chicken, trifle, fruit and cheese plate. However, after overestimating the amount that we could eat, we made it through 4.5 courses. Nonetheless, it was really tasty and fun.

We had been researching when and where the rave took place for a couple days and decided that it started at 10pm near the polo fields in BA. Being good Americans and not wanting to stand in line, we decided to get there at 10:45. We show up at the venue ready to rave out and are told that the event didn’t start until 1am. So now we are stuck out in the fields with nowhere to go for the countdown. The funny thing about BA is that New Years is a family event, much like Christmas is to us. It was shut down. I mean, we walked for 45 minutes and found not a single place that was open and accepting people without reservations. All of the big bars were completely dark and not even the kiosks were open. When we finally found a place that was open, they told us that it was a $230 peso per person charge for a set menu. One thing that is worth mentioning is that BA has been about 90-95 degrees during the day and was still 85 degrees at 11:55 when we walked up to this restaurant, so we were all sweating profusely. Needless to say, the people who had paid $230 for their meal were staring at us in the entrance while we stared in at them and their champagne and the TV that had the countdown on it. The clock struck 12 and people lit off a ton of fireworks in the street, stopping traffic in many situations, and we were just standing in the doorway of this nice restaurant squinting at the TV on the back wall.

We finally gave up our search for beer or champagne and got a cab back to the rave, getting ripped off a third time in one night on cab fare. We stood in line for over an hour with all the other ravers before getting let in to the polo field. I must say that even after walking around for so long in the heat and waiting in line for so long, it was worth it to see the huge screens and lights and hear the music in the outdoor venue. We sat on the grass and the wind was strong and cool and we could watch the place fill up and come alive. It was really a sight. We sat there for a long time, admiring and critiquing the fashion and dancing, got some drinks, and danced a little before Mike and I decided to leave. I think we are getting or have been old for a while because we value comfort and sleep. Not that we minded any of it. We have learned not to expect great things from New Years, it is always fun in ways that you don’t expect it to be and for that reason we are still excited for it. We rode the bus home “early” (we got in at 4am) and the city had come alive. The streets that had been empty and shut down when we were looking for anything to be open were packed and there were tons of cars and people all over. This city is so crazy because everyone knows exactly what they are supposed to be doing and exactly what time they are supposed to do it even though people are chronically late. I guess it just works well that way.

When we got home, we got to snack on leftover chicken and pudding before showering and getting to lay in our nice comfortable bed. Then our night ended as it should, with Mike taking whatever drug we happen to have with us (in this case Valium) and smiling for ten minutes before falling into a deep sleep. Happy New Year! 2008 is going to be great!


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One response to “Wild Night Out

  1. Kim and Adam

    Happy New Year!
    Love your New Years story, we ended up playing Hoopla for hours… miss you!

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