Nature creeping in.

I just love Recoleta Cemetery – I could spend all day there. It’s cool because it’s such a major tourist attraction in such a small space, but you can easily find corners to be alone.

I liked photographing the little plants that were growing from the crypts – nature creeping in where it was meant to be kept out. In general, I like when grand visions decay. Here are some more pictures from Recoleta.

A spiderweb on some iron details on a tomb.

Lots of cats there. Here’s one that was stretching.

A little plant growing out of a cross.

A fern clinging to the cracks.

An angel hindered by spiderwebs.

Angel face



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2 responses to “Nature creeping in.

  1. JoAnne

    These pictures are amazing…you are becoming an excellent photographer. A new profession perhaps?

  2. Kim and Adam

    Yes I agree… they are SO great! I love the texture, and the way you are using light… AWESOME job. 🙂

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