Picture Adventure – Brazil Iguazu

We set out on our full-day Brazilian adventure on a very nice path.

No biking today, the weather is too bad? Ride or walk? The group decides to walk half-way before being picked up.

We set out on the 4.5km walk through the jungle.

Why are you doing this to me?

A little rain makes Autsy happy.

A lot of rain makes Mike pee.

You want us to ride now?

Finally, shelter! We can wring out our clothes…the driest we will be all day.

Everyone is wet.

There’s food on that boat?

Huddled like penguins- for 60 minutes on the boat. Communication is cut off when Autsy’s camera dies immediately after this photo was taken.

Another 4.5 hours without dry clothes and the van finally picks us up to go back to the hostel. What a day!



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3 responses to “Picture Adventure – Brazil Iguazu

  1. Kim and Adam

    Love looking at the photos… I can’t imagine what it was like with that amount of rain, thanks for the post!
    Love the photo of the edge of the falls.

  2. JoAnne

    I love that you are all still smiling

  3. Megan

    Az and Mike! I just spent the last 45 minutes reading your blog! I love the cemetery pictures- especially the angel covered in spider webs. I have a dream of living across from a cemetery someday- still working on it with Chad. Keep the posts coming- they are blogtastic!

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