Patagonia! (?)

I´ve been meaning to write for a few days now, but we´ve been busy, been on the road.  If you check our blog you´ve already seen that we went to the impressive Iguazu Falls last weekend. Azure described the excruciating details in a long post.
We got back and spent a few days with Tom and Maya in Buenos Aires, getting clean and resting up for our current adventure.  On the last night there, Tuesday, there was an amazing electrical storm that had the sky pulsing with lightning – none of it was a shocking crash like a heartattack, but it was more constant, arhythmic flashes scattered through the sky, like an irregular heartbeat in light with rumbles.  It went for hours, there are pictures.
The next evening we caught a 20-hour bus down to Bariloche, one of the best places on earth.  I think we´re in Patagonia.  We rode those 20 hours through sparse land that could have been the ugly part of Eastern Washington.  At the 19 hours, 45 minute mark we came over a hill and saw the beautiful city of Bariloche resting on the edge of a lake, in a field of mountains, what a welcome.  The water is so clear.  When I look out at the blue part of the lake it looks blue in a way that isn´t on a color spectrum, but has got to be described as a depth, like 100 feet blue or something. I remember seeing this effect on a ferry in the Mediterranean, looking down and not being able to understand it as a color, only as a depth.
Last night we went down to the shore and stood at a parking lot where a bunch of RVs were parked – a bunch of brilliant people who woke up this morning and saw 360 degrees of mountains and 180 of that blue water when they first opened their eyes.  We stood there – last night – with the wind tearing across the lake and throwing the icewater into the air.  It was 10:30 but still light because we´re south and west in the timezone.  It was so clear last night, the air is so clean.  
Anyway, we rented a car and we´re now in a town to the South called El Bolson, another idyllic place, but there are more hippies here.  We wanted to go swimming, but my feet ache when I stand in the water for more than 10 seconds because it´s so cold.  We´re trying to take pictures of the mountains, but of course we can´t do it justice.  Every corner we turn we´re reminded of the best places we´ve been – Seattle, Tahoe, Northern Italy, etc.  We´re freshwater fish, I guess.
Take care,
Mike (& Azure & Autsy)


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2 responses to “Patagonia! (?)

  1. JoAnne

    I love your adventures and am so glad you three are getting to experience those beautiful places. Thanks for the updates

  2. Maya Frost

    So glad you are loving the beauty there! Yes, it’s a nice blast of home for Northwesterners and a welcome break from the heat and humidity of Buenos Aires this time of year. Still, I should tell you that we have had wonderful weather here since you guys left–no, seriously–with cool mornings and gorgeous days, almost like early fall. Enjoy your adventure, soak up the beauty, and we’ll look forward to hearing your stories when you come back to BA!

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