The South

I´m on a really slow computer, but just wanted to update that Autsy , Mike and I headed out Wednesday night on  20 hour bus ride to Bariloche in the middle of Argentina.  It is located in the Lakes District, which means it is surrounded by lakes and the Andes Mountains.  We got in around 4pm and it was actually cool.  Temperature-wise.  It felt a lot like Seattle in early summer and we all mimmeduiately felt happy and at home.  No more humidity.  We stayed the night in town and booked the hostel we wanted for Monday night, so we decided to kill the time in between by renting a car and driving around.  We made it to a town called El Bolson, which is a beautiful 2 hour drive south.  The worth of the car is immeasurable.  We got to stop whenever we wanted to take photos or dip our feet in the clearest water I´ve ever seen.  I have been around mountains before, but it seems like they rise so fast here, you can look across the valley and see the exact point that you could reach your hand out and touch the mountain. 
El Bolson is actually a place that we had intended to go because a friend of our friend Nicole told us about an organic farm she stayed on here, but we just came and got a nice room in a bed and breakfast set on a huge garden.  Tomorrow, we´ll drive to a lake and hopefully do some much needed lake swimming.  The locally-made beer here is great and it stays light until well after 10:30pm.  More updates and photos to come.


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2 responses to “The South

  1. JoAnne

    I’ve looked it up on the internet and it looks breathtaking

  2. Kim and Adam

    Oh I can’t wait to hear more, that is an area we would LOVE to visit…. please take lots of notes for us :).

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