I wish I could bottle firsts

There is nothing like the first time for anything.  The other day when we were renting a car, the woman told me my spanish was good.  She was the first one to say that and it´s not, but that´s ok, I was flattered.  And yeas, I am bragging now, but who cares, it made me feel so great (ps. today I was almost in tears because my spanish was so bad).  I know I will spend the rest of my time here trying to get the same compliment, but it will never be the same.  We drove around today and had to look for housing late again (around 7pm) in another touristy town.  Lately we have been paying way too much for being unprepared, but tonight we were determined.  We went to a place that was very expensive, in a valley and very beautiful, but still way too much.  We told him it was too much and that we would head toward Bariloche to find cheaper and he went off about how everything was that price, but full.   Ok dude.  The next place we went, they give us our own hut with a loft and a kitchen for 1/3 the price.  Mike wanted to call the guy to brag, but unfortunately my spanish is not quite at that level.  Anyway, the first minute I found out that Autsy was not mistaken about the price and that we could have this cute little place for the night, was unbeatable.  Fortunately, when we travel, there are so many of these moments.  I think that is why we go away every year.  So many firsts and so much pure joy for such simple things.  Like a shower and some scotch, which I am going to partake in right now…



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3 responses to “I wish I could bottle firsts

  1. Kim and Adam

    Love it, we completely agree and fully remember some of our firsts together… living in a chateau first of all! DUH! Preparing and eating pigeon (among other foods), discovering Negrita, getting booted in the Dam, spending counterfeit money at a McDonald’s in Belgium. I could go on and on we love our firsts with you!

    love you guys!

  2. Tom

    By the title of this post I could tell that you wrote it and not Mike–I know he would have rephrased it to get more viewers.

    Glad you are having a good time and after El Bolson I fully expect Mike to have changed his ‘doo from Brasilian Soccer Player to Dredlocked Gold.


  3. Anonymous

    Now how would Mike have titled this post? hmmm

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