Random additions

When I bought this, the woman said, “I don’t know the name for this thing in English.” I responded, “I don’t think there is one.”

I was inspired by an artist I saw at the Bellevue Arts Fair who had this picture of a market scene in Africa that looked so realistic I felt I was there… A very powerful photo. I think it had to do with the angle of the shot and the lens size, so I tried here to see if I could pull off the same trick.

I was excited about this picture because of all the different light sources: the outside light, the lights inside the cabin coming through the windows, the moon in the sky and that reddish light from the town bouncing off the clouds.

I love this one – Elephant seals.



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5 responses to “Random additions

  1. Anonymous

    mike, these are awesome pictures

  2. JoAnne

    ok, mike, susan is the anonymous…i thought we should comment more so we were practicing and afterall it is superbowl sunday

  3. The Chop

    damn mike–I could totally see you wearing something like that back here in The States. The Scorpion King might have something to say about it though…

  4. Kim and Adam

    We are loving the recent night shots!!!
    If you have a flashlight try “painting with light”. Have a long shutter speed, at least 30-60 seconds you will have to experiment (Adam has taken some shots that are over 3 minutes long). Have your aperture really high, around f22 and your ISO really low, around 100-200. Then go ahead and “paint” with the flashlight, put it over whatever you want to be seen in the photo for a few seconds, or even “paint” a design with the light (a heart, circle etc.) It can be sooo cool!!!
    Ok enough photo class for now 🙂 love you guys!!!!

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