Up the coast of Brazil

We had the option of taking a 20+ hour bus ride from Buenos Aires to Florianopolis, but we figured we could save some money by trying it a different way – taking national bus lines all the way up the coast. We left BA a few days ago and took the ferry across to Monte Video.  We stayed there one night and I really liked the city, I found it intimate

The next morning we got up and took another 4-hour bus ride along the coast to Punto del Diablo, the fishing village we visited a couple months ago on the Brazil border. It sucked this time around – full to the brim with tourists, higher prices and… shudder to think… FAMILIES. That was the last straw.  We had planned to stay two nights, but we left after one. PdD was great before high season.

So yesterday we took a bus to Chuy, the town that straddles the international border of Uruguay and Brazil, then caught a bus up here to Porto Alegre. Already we can feel the difference in the people, in the city. It´s much more manic, there is a lot more racial diversity.  We are only going to spend one more night here, then we´re off again to Florianopolis.

The bus from BA to Florianopolis cost about $136 USD and took about 22 hours.  Here is the breakdown of how we did it:
Buenos Aires to Monte Video on Buque Bus: $48 USD, 3.5 hours
Monte Video to Punto del Diablo: $13 USD, 4 hours
Punto del Diablo to Chuy: $2.5 USD, 1 hour
Chuy to Porto Alegre: $35.5 USD, 8 hours
Porto Alegre to Florianopolis: $31 USD, 10 hours (due to awful traffic)

So we ended up doing it for $130 USD, 26.5 hours. Well… I guess it was pretty close. We also spent more on hotel rooms than we would have if we´d just stay in Florianopolis, but live and learn, I suppose.  Something we´re pretty proud of, though, is that we´ve traveled the entire southern part of the continent by land, meaning we´ve gotten to see how the environment changes from one place to the next, gradually. There´s no disconnect that you would have by flying and missing what´s between cities (as we´ve been doing for the last few years), so we´ve seen the west coast turn into the Andes to the high desert to farms to BA. Up into the jungle, down into the lakes, out to the arid east coast, into the beautiful pastures of Uruguay, then up into the lush Brazilian landscape.  It reminds me of Thailand, here. After traveling this much, everything reminds me of something.


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  1. Anonymous

    What an enormous continent. I looked at the map again and realized how much more there is north of you. Susan G

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