Lisboa beach

Vivian drove us up the coast today and stopped in a little town that’s supposedly like the Azores (and if so, I want to go there, too). We went down to the beach and watched a guy cleaning oysters at an oyster farm, then we drove to a lookout point where we could see the inlet down to the city. I was more interested in the fruit everywhere – within sight there was a bannana tree, an avocado tree, a fig tree, a coconut palm and a kiwi tree (not to mention the oysters down the street and a horse in the pasture behind us). In a world of such abundance, why did we ever start locking up our food?

I forgot to mention that at the Samba club there were all these beautiful young women enjoying the music who clearly wanted to be asked to dance, and there were a bunch of idiot guys standing there alone. I couldn’t believe it! Any of the women would have been thrilled to fall into a guy’s arms if he’d just made a move!

Somehow I was reminded of this while driving along the coast this morning, going past all the mountains that were still untouched, pure nature, jungles tumbling down the hills like uncut hair. Something in my body ached to go up there when I saw it, in the same way I felt looking at girls when I was in 7th grade – like I wanted to be near them and I wasn’t sure why, really, but it seemed natural and they probably smelled good.

There was an enormous mall at the foot of a mountain, at the foot of a favela, and I thought it would scar the landscape, but somehow the mountains endured – they looked beautiful with no concession to the commerce.


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  1. JoAnne

    You are such a wonderful, descriptive writer!

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