Mike’s hair update

After two months of travel, I know we are long overdue for a hair update. You can all rest assured that Mike’s hair is happily tucked away in a headband for most of its waking life. No leather yet, but we’ll see. His hair actually ended up achieving the goal set for it — to make him look like an Argentine soccer player. When we were traveling in Agrentina, his hair style could be seen on many or most of the male youth in the country. While there, he purchased two headbands and has been wearing the second pretty much everyday for the last few weeks.

The dilemma is this…Once we crossed the border to Brazil, people no longer had long hair. I know, shocking. People here opted for shorter, probably cooler dos. So the last couple days there has been talk of sending it back into the sea from whence it came (though I think quite a few vacationers would think it was kind of a disgusting site, throwing some guys hair into the water where they were swimming).

Today we went to the city center while Vivian was at work. And Mike, as always, found the local group of old men playing Dominos together at a table amongst the crowded streets, minding their game rather than all of the tourists around. He watched them for a long time, so long that they started talking to him. They asked him where he was from and then guessed first Uruguay, next Argentina, Chile, and Italy before guessing the USA. They then asked him if he wanted to join their game. He declined, but kept watching for a while longer. I know he felt good that his goal had been achieved and at that moment wanted to keep his long locks. As he says, there is something respectable about a man with long hair and a beard. I’ve never heard that before, but alright. Only time will tell where the hair will end up. I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. JoAnne

    Watched an Anthony Bourdain show last week on Rio. He was hanging out with a local with amazing hair. I can not remember what he was called, but I think the gist was “beach bum”. He new all the great spots to hang out. And, there is always Italia!

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