Rio, still

We´ve spent the last few days doing the same thing – waking up and taking a morning walk on the beach, then coming back to meet Autsy, Joey, Kenny and Ellen at the apartment.  After breakfast today we went down to the beach and hung around under our umbrella, occasionally getting food from one of the beach vendors.  I´ve been in the water a lot, getting a lot of sun but no burn yet.  I shaved my head, by the way.  It was just getting to be too much.

At night we´ve been eating at home –  we split up into pairs and each is responsible for dinner one night.  Last night Auts and Kenny made some ginger chicken with rice, black beans and cucumber salad.  Way good!  Tonight Ellen and I are in charge.



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3 responses to “Rio, still

  1. Anonymous

    In the 1960’s and 70’s brazillian music was big : getz and gilberto etc. “Girl From Ipanema” a big song and probably set the stage for many fantasies about life in Brazil. More about food!!! Momma G

  2. Tom

    What? You shaved your head and that momentous event only warranted a single sentence?


  3. JoAnne

    Michael, I am really going to miss that headband. Can you still wear it with a shaved head?

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