Well, that was auspicious

So, I did get sunburned.  In fact, as I was writing that, two days ago, the sunburn was gathering strength.  It´s here now.

This morning we went up to that statue of Christ the Redeemer you see in all the postcards and it was pretty impressive.  It´s as tall as a 13-story building, apparently, and the entire thing is mosaicked in these small, triangular tiles.  The view from up there was amazing, you can see why Rio was settled in the first place… bays and lakes everywhere.  The city is in a gorgeous location. 

My mom asked me to write more about what we´ve been eating — every day I´ve been having at least one acai (ah-sah-ee) juice with granola.  It´s a purple berry that grows on a palm and it´s very high in antioxidants, higher in fact than blueberries and cranberries (though I´m still eating a couple tablespoons of cranberries every day, this batch brought down by Kenny).  The acai isn´t too strong in flavor, except that the juice is very very sweet because they pour sugar into the thing.  I´ve also been drinking a lot of coconut juice because it´s apparently good for the skin. 

Last night we had dinner at a Portugese restaurant, though to be honest it didn´t seem any more anything than any other restaurant here.  So I´ll call it Brazillian.  It was a buffet, as a lot of the places here are, and I had grilled salmon, lobster in cream sauce, a wheatberry-like salad and a piece or two of california roll.  The buffet, however, was not all-you-can-eat — it was by weight.  We ended up spending quite a bit per person, when all was said and done – about $20.

On the beach we found a place that sells these great sandwiches of grilled meat, onions and special sauce on a soft roll.  Unfortunately I won´t be going to the beach for another day or two with my burn.  Or maybe I will and I´ll just stay in the shade.  There are stands selling coconuts and sandwiches and drinks all up and down the beach, not to mention vendors walking around and always asking if you want whatever they´re selling — shrimp, fried cheese, acai, beer, empanadas… lots of options.

Ellen and I are cooking tonight (last night we went to that buffet) and – as a surprise for our housemates – the appetizer course will be Pringles with beer. 


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  1. JoAnne

    Mike… this should be on chicken wall! what the heck is the food stuff on your travel blog?? Anyway, Dick talked to Patricia today and she would like your blog site. We’ll send it to her tomorrow. Another convert!

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