Ilha to Buenos

I was pretty happy about our last day in Brazil – the last day on Ilha Grande. I was hoping to get some sun but woke up to find it overcast and even raining, as it had most of the time there… it’s the rainy season. We got on the boat to head to the main surfers’ beach that faces south toward Antarctica and it started clearing up a little. We had to take the boat because there are no cars on the island and we were tired of hiking through the jungle with soaking feet and tired legs, we’d hiked about 12 miles a couple days before. So we sat in the boat and made our way around the tip of the island. It dropped us off in this little “town” which consisted of no more than a couple places to eat on the beach and we hiked 20 more minutes between mountains to finally get to the beach.

It was a gorgeous arc of white that bent around a bay, there were probably 50 people there or so but we didn’t spread out to get our own private area because we really didn’t need to. I don’t know – first of all, as great as private beaches are, it’s more fun to people watch. Also, there was plenty of space, so it wasn’t like we had to compete to be near the ocean. People just set down and relaxed.

The waves were great, I spent about 2 hours playing and riding the waves and the sun was out by then so we were getting one more dose of sun. My eyes stung from the salt.

The next day we got on a bus and headed back to Rio, then immediately got on another bus that took us to Buenos Aires over the next 40 hours. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds – when you’re resigned to spending a day somewhere, it’s easy to find stuff to do. We talked with new friends, watched movies, napped, etc. The landscape through Brazil continued to be amazing – green, lush, rolling. I felt lucky taking the bus all over the place because we got to see how the land changed from Santiago to Mendoza, all over Argentina, then up through Uruguay to Rio and back across to the west. Brazil is so beautiful. Azure and I keep saying it deserves a trip of its own. We never once felt unsafe as everyone kept telling us we should. We never once got knifed or robbed.

We’re back in BA now and I’m beginning to feel really sad about leaving here, actually. I want to go home because I love Seattle, the evergreens, my friends & family & work, but I love the rhythm of life down here, too. I’m not really ready to stop traveling. I’ll send out another email next week when I get back, and until then check the blog.


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