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Kauai was a business trip.

If we saw a souvenir shop selling Koa we’d stop so Dick, Azure’s dad, could try to pick up an account. He’s a woodworker for a living, making these gorgeous jewelry boxes that often incorporate Koa, a wood native to Hawaii.

At one particular place a buzz saw buzzed and we walked around the corner to find the woodworker straightening up. His boombox blasted opera, which immediately affected the class of the place, while pictures of hot 80s women in bathing suits held up the walls, which immediately affected the class of the place. It was heaven. It was, at the time we arrived, my favorite place we’d been on the short trip. The shop itself was vast but nook-and-crannied by lumber and heavy machinery, with an old set of dusty drums stashed in a corner self-consciously. The dude was cool, all business all pleasure, and his shop was lush with personality as the jungles outside.

Dusty Drums, Kauai
Workshop Drum Dog, KauaiWorkshop Drums, Kauai

The DeMeule’s website: Wood Design by DeMeules.


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Kauai Vines

Vine detail, Hawaii
Descending from the dark, HawaiiAzure with vines, Hawaii
Lush, Hawaii

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Kauai Morning

Twilight for the morning, Kauai

At 6am I followed the path out of the condo complex and asked directions to the beach. The dude told me it was too far to walk. I walked to the Hyatt and out to the beach to watch the sunrise. There must have been 30 people all doing the exact same thing – spiritually, purposefully, and they’ll go back to work Monday to put a Kauai sunrise on their desks.
For my desk at my office, Kauai
For my desk at my office

This area is Disneylandy, it’s hard to escape. (Two real advertisements: 1) “Nature’s Disneyland” 2) “Guaranteed Dolphins!”) It’s this ugly parody of itself, luaus and whatever. They’re the things that made Hawaiian culture unique and whites adopted the practices innocently, as ex-pats do in countries around the world, then the original practitioners were shoved aside and now we have luaus and flowered shirts and mai tais as gestures to escape, not to the sanctity of a particular home.

It was hard to walk the beach and not let my anger rise with the sun, but I managed. I see what this trip is and how little potential it has for depth in only 3 days and I’m thankful for what I’m getting.

I forget how lucky I am to see the top of a cloud. Geographically, this is distinct from Polynesia and the land farthest from any continent on earth, and yet I’m here painlessly, watching Azure sleep.

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