Bogota Safety

by Mike

The police in central Bogota check the guest list of every single hotel every single day and make notes in a separate book. They’re working to track terrorists. They’ve told us not to take our passports out with us (we lock them in a safe deposit box type thing with our own locks) because the police are not legally allowed to ask to see our passports. We do take copies, just in case. It´s good to know what a fake cop might do, though.

There are police and military probably on every block, just patroling. They seem to have a good relationship with the people. There’s a major difference between a police force that works to protect the people and a police force that works to catch people breaking laws, as is the feeling I have about police in the US. I don´t know how corrupt the police actually are here, but they’ve been cautiously nice to us in our few interactions.

We felt very safe walking around at night, we never encountered a problem in our week in Bogota.

The taxis didn’t try to rip us off at all, they used the meter every time and gave us a fair price. The airports were similar to the US, but much less of a hassel (while still secure).

We stayed in the Platypus hostel and hotel. At the hostel we buzzed to get in from the street, then buzzed to get through the entry area. Both places were equipped with very high quality security cameras.


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  1. JoAnne

    This is a little bit different post then I am used to from you…but very informational, as always.
    Just what interactions did you have with the police in Bogota

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