Travel, generally

by Mike

We’ve been having trouble figuring out what we’re actually doing traveling here – why we’re here and not another place, why we’re traveling as backpackers and not motorcyclists or living in one spot or even staying home. It seems that every year we have to come to a point where we give ourselves permission to NOT do the trip the way we’d envisioned at the beginning. When we left, we imagined spending 2 months in Colombia because that’s what we said we’d do because that’s what we said we’d do. Colombia’s nice. I’m having a good time. But it hasn’t blown us away the way Bariloche did or the scooter trip through the mountains on the Thai-Burmese border. There’s not the food of Buenos Aires or quiet of Ko Ma.

So we have to get to this point: we could either go home and hang up the traveling boots or give ourselves permission to do what we want how we want to do it, it would be pointless otherwise. Thank god we have as much time as we do. If this had been a 3-week trip there would be no room for error and we’d be frantically trying to extract some magic from a random sampling of places before the lid closes. Most places in the world aren’t too interesting or exciting, and the great experiences for us seem to be randomly so. Florianopolis would have been boring if we hadn’t been shown the Sequencia and Samba Club. Chiang Mai would have been so-so, except that we found a pool with Olympic diving platforms and spent many days there alternating between falling and reading. Those things really could be anywhere, but we wouldn’t have found them without taking enough chances to be lucky, and taking enough time to take the chances. We sift for gold.


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