Soccer on the Ocean

Oceanside Football, Tayrona, Colombia

Both evenings at Tayrona National Park – at exactly 4:30 – the workers from the kitchen and the grounds would throw on their shorts to play some soccer. About half the guys had shoes, one guy had only one shoe on his left foot (he was left-footed). I guess you only need one if you’re only kicking with one, right? We were at a campground so travelers left laundry and shoes laying outside their tents throughout the day, easily snatchable by anyone who wanted them. But these dudes played without shoes. The guys played shirts and skins and when they rotated out they would pass on their sweaty shirt to the next player. It was kinda disgusting.

Azure and I sat for a few minutes and watched them play as the sun went down. There were one or two really good players but mostly they were average. Gardeners, cooks. They played all out until 5:55pm, at which time they got ready for the dinner rush.


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