How to ride a scooter


Yesterday’s Route

by Mike

I had to fight to get out of Paris. The roads are so confusing and all the signs are written for cars – so they all lead you to the freeway if you want to go anywhere. But I’m on a scooter and I don’t want to go on the freeway, so I ended up lost for an hour trying to get from the inner suburbs out of the outer suburbs. At one point I ended up in a parking garage for a mall. It was funny at the time, yes, but I was also on the verge of tears at that point, having to fight streets and wondering if I was really up for the challenge.
That makes success feel so much better, of course, and finally I broke out of the burbs then between tilled fields that were so rich you could taste them in the air, and I dropped down into valleys of forests. I was on the verge of tears again, actually. I wasn’t sure I could pull this off.
One of my favorite things today was seeing this spot that has significance for me. In 1998 Darren, Drew and I spent 2 weeks in England and France and we visited Versailles. We found our way around to the back of the chateau where there’s this long pond set in a natural field and lined with trees, and at the end of the pond there’s a statue. We walked all the way to the statue, then up into the woods behind it and we peed next to some railroad tracks. Versailles is just another castle, just another ode to rich people by rich people, and it is better celebrated as a relic of oppression than admired. But anyway, being (peeing) out in those woods I guessed that people had walked through here for hundreds of years, hunting or traveling or collecting food or peeing. I felt very connected to the French forests and dirt at that time. I think it’s influenced a lot of my life. So today I stumbled on that place, the pond behind the chateau, and I took a picture.
Right now I’m in a town called Rambouillet. I pulled in for lunch and got the daily special which, I found out after looking up, was veal roulades. Obviously it tasted great. It was served in some salty sauce with tagliateli and salad. I didn’t have wine with lunch today for some reason.
Tomorrow I’m going to take off and drive on the N10 the whole day, if you want to follow my journey online.


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