French Dirt, the blog post

Notice the reflection in the creme caramel
That last one on the right is eight beds shaped like a star. You think that person has an opinion?

Today’s Route

I ate kidneys today, which aren’t as good as they sound, but the salad beforehand had grilled foie gras on top, and there was a creamy syrupy creme caramel at the end of it all. So that was the middle of the day. The kidneys have affected me until now, when I’m writing this the next morning.
In the town of Cormery I walked up the river along this little dirt road that went through a bunch of gardens, some of them with stone walls protecting them from other gardeners, I guess. And I came across a guy who was standing in a patch pulling up leeks, slicing off the root end and the weathered tops, then skinning the outside. The land was owned by the old people in the house behind us up the hill, it was a lot of land and I asked what two old people would do with so many leeks, he had a wheelbarrow full. “Soups, stews…” Leeks are everywhere right now, in all the little gardens I see.
He said that they also grow carrots, cabbage, spinach, brussel sprouts and strawberries in the summer. He’s their gardener – a full time job – and he’s lived in Cormery his whole life.

On the scooter I started thinking about leeks. Here’s what they are:
They are terrestrial. They take nutrients from the soil at their roots.
They are celestial. They take energy from the sun.
They are global. They collect water that has traces of the environment from hundreds of miles away, the air and underground.

If they were human it would be body (terrestrial), mind (global) and soul (celestial). And the towns I keep driving through are like little bulls-eyes with the fields on the outside (terrestrial), then the actual town is the vessel for knowledge (global) and at the heart of each town is the church (celestial). (Religion being a cultural expression of universal human spirituality).

We have these things in us in different ratios, but I’m mostly a global person in these terms. I like politics, I like to acquire knowledge from abroad. Being global is more important to me than my spirituality or taking nutrients from my home (sorry, it’s true), though not one of the three could exist without the other, I’m sure.

What about you??

I’m leaving Tours today after 4 nights and am now heading south, possibly to Poitiers or Angouleme, definitely to St. Julien L’Ars.



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2 responses to “French Dirt, the blog post

  1. Yes, I do notice the reflection in the caramel sauce. Never thought I’d write that sentence. Funny thing, I bought leeks yesterday in prep for a provencal soup recipe.

    As for my celestial, terrestial and global. I’ll have to think about that. Where does the internet fit?


  2. The internet is definitely celestial, same source as the Ten Commandments.

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