Dear Mom,

Thank you for preparing me so well for olive picking. Your Easter celebration has adequately trained me for finding and picking olives off the ground, out of ledges and around trees. You could improve on the training process by moving the location of the candy hunt from the warm cozy house to outdoors. Next, it would be better if you could just throw them out in to grass, the taller the better. In addition, you could sprinkle ice around the lawn along with various types of animal poop. Lastly, make sure I dip my hands first in ice cold water to simulate the feeling of being hours into the process. Thanks for your time and I look forward to better serving the Olive farmers of the world.




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4 responses to “Dear Mom,

  1. JoAnne

    You are so welcome….anytime I can help! Just remember this when it comes time for the home

  2. Oh how great! I wish we had a video like this of the chateau bonfires we used to have! Or even of one of our “pass the pigs” nights… 🙂 love you guys! (and loved the ending with Mike taking photos… so cool.)

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