Don’t Think We’re Homeless


by Azure

We took the night ferry to Corsica last night. I love riding big ferris, especially at night. They are like second hand cruise ships, with bars and cafes and sleeping cabins. Of course we were too cheap to spring for a cabin, but they wouldn’t let us opt for nothing, so we ended up with something called a “pullman” which Mike thought was going to be similar to a hurricane Katrina refugee bed, but ended up being like a big airplane seat. The problem was that they were in the center of the ship and it always freaks me out not to have a window, maybe something about the movie “Titanic”. When we got on, we saw people (seemingly upstanding citizens, in fact) reserving the large cushy benches in the dining areas. We soon caught on that you could really just sleep anywhere, so we searched out the only soft places left, which were the big benches right in front of the snack bar. A whole family was spread out on both sides of one and we took one side of the other. We got to lay flat and slept uninterrupted until 6am when the captain came over the loud speaker saying everyone had to get out of their rooms. It ended up being perfect for us and we now know that we don’t even need to book those silly pullmans.

I got to see my first sunrise over the ocean and we were able to hop on the scooter and ride down the coast in the morning light. For a long while there were no clouds in the sky. The cherry blossoms are coming out already and some parts of the drive smelled so sweet. It was a beautiful day.




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  1. JoAnne

    You look so happy it makes me smile

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