My First Big Ride

by Azure

Mike wanted me to talk about my first big ride (we drove from Nice to Toulon). I think he just wants to prove that he wasn’t being a baby when he was saying how tiring it was riding the scooter from Paris to Nice. I never thought he was, but in case there is any doubt, I’ll confirm, it is hard riding 4 hours on a scooter and I wasn’t even driving. It gets cold at the end, you get tired and especially going into cities, the signs all point to the highways, so you end up driving around and around trying to avoid them. It didn’t jade me against scootering though, two days later, we went on a 5 hour sightseeing trip and it was awesome! I think it feels different knowing you have to get somewhere versus wanting to see something. Even after 5 hours of looking, I could have done more.

The video above is from our loop, not my first big ride. I didn’t take any photos on it, since I was sick and tired. The video is at sunset north of Toulon. Mike referenced it in a previous post.


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One response to “My First Big Ride

  1. JoAnne

    There was never a doubt in my mind…and we love the video

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