“There’s nothing there.”


We just drove around the Southwest coast of Corsica (the area to the north of Sartene, for anyone ambitious enough to follow at home. Here’s a map.) We looked at a stretch of 20 km we’d have to drive and Azure said, “There’s nothing there….” the map was emptyish.

Here’s what was there:
– There was a white horse in a little grassy area in front of a stone shed. The shed was on the side of the mountain and had an amazing view. All of these things had views, so assume that they did.
– There were large stone walls that were falling apart, covered in moss. They were so large they stood out compared to all the other ones we see.
– There were a few scattered cemeteries with amazing views of the valley. There was one grave that didn’t have a headstone or a cross but two small slabs of rock like bookends and a pile of rocks in between.
– There were a lot of trees, it was totally forested. Half the ride was on the north side of the ridge and half on the south. It was the late afternoon, so the valleys were illuminated.
– There was a small vigil on the side of the road – a red candle with a picture of the Virgin Mary.
– There was the most perfect stone wall we’ve seen – all the little rocks fit perfectly in the large ones and it was white.

This area is so rich in secrets. There are so many things that we want to take pictures of but just pass because if we stopped for everything it would take an hour to go a mile, and that’s just on the roadside.


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  1. JoAnne

    Je l’aime vous trouvez quelque chose où que vous alliez
    hope that came out alright

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