A goaty weekend


by Mike

UK resident Ellen Frye paid us a visit in Nice this weekend and we had a ton of fun. Ellen got to ride the scooter along the coast into Nice on Saturday morning, then we immediately went to Italy for a multicourse lunch that featured much food and much wine. We drove to the town of Eze where we saw the best view on the Riviera. Then we went back to the hotel and checked our email for a while.

For dinner we went to another Italian restaurant – La Voglia in Nice – and had their antipasti misti that included most conceivable foods.

The next morning we went to Antibes and talked about things that were impossible. We walked through the market and along the old wall, we/I had a great conversation with some Harley owners who had fascinating jobs & lives.

Finally we drove up to the farm and introduced Ellen to Margarite, Claude and a new-born goat:


It was an eventful visit to the farm – it was the first time that the year-old goats were to go outside the barn, so Claude gave us all bamboo sticks to guide them and the adults down the hill. It didn’t prevent them from freaking out and one ran all the way back to the barn. Azure had to go and fetch him and carry him to the others, and even when he was within eye and earshot of the others he still didn’t get that he’d have to actually walk to get to them, so he started going the wrong way again. Eventually he was herded to his mother.

We then sat down and made a little fire in the woods on which Claude boiled some water for tea. We had tea and talked about Corsica and cheese.

When we were done with the tea Azure grabbed the pot to bring it back to the house, but Claude said to leave it for the next time.




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4 responses to “A goaty weekend

  1. What an utterly lovely time you describe. More about the antipasti misto please!

  2. JoAnne

    What a perfect weekend!…I am so glad you were able to spend that time on the farm solidifying your friendships, doing some things that you love and that you had some wonderful weather!

  3. Ellen

    Hawk on a rat on a hawk on a cat on a hawk on a dog on a hog on a panda on a cat? Impossible.

  4. Kim

    You both are looking soooo French… I am such a proud cousin! 🙂 Love you!

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