One Last Ride

A video of us packing up this morning.

by Azure

I started to get a sore throat at the farm the day before we left. As it turned out, it was a good thing that I had to ride while sick because it left me no time for moping or whining. Well, except the one day that we decided to stop and stay in Noyers, I moped and ate soup that day. The other days, we rode at least 7 hours a day. We saw all new territory for both of us that revived the dream of living in France. The center was so typical, we loved it.

We decided to drive early each morning, stop for breakfast, drive a while longer, have a full lunch, then grab a light dinner. It made it easier to handle the long days (if you look at the mileage, we only go about 300k per day, but going an average of 40km/hr it doesn’t go fast). On Monday we took a 40 minute nap in a field after lunch and then got back on and kept riding until sundown.

The days were the warmest yet. We lucked out and ended up driving on what seems like the first sunny week in mainland France. Monday, the thermometer topped at 70 degrees. Tuesday around 65 and Wednesday, back up to 68 or so. It made the rides so much easier and we could go until the sun was low.

here are our routes…
Monday Nice to Valreas

Tuesday Valreas to Pont-de-Vaux

Wednesday Pont-de-Vaux to Noyers

Thursday the scooter stayed locked and I stayed in bed most of the day.

Friday Noyers to Paris



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8 responses to “One Last Ride

  1. Bonjour!

    I came across your blog/site adventure from one of my google alerts. Your trip looks fascinating and you both seem a great couple. I think you have all ready passed us; however if you are near by- A20 exit 19 Celon- please stop by- for a drink or you are welcome to stay, just bring a bottle of something and the room is on us! We would love to have chat. I am American & the hubby is English. I am usually out numbered, so it is nice to know there are a few Americans lurking about! If you don’t have a chance to stop= enjoy the rest of your journey and we will check in now and then to see what you are up to! All the best.

  2. JoAnne

    I am so going to miss those biking videos and the scooter photos. Did you ever name her?

  3. Kim

    Oh I love love the video guys, I’m about to watch it again… no joke. It’s so great seeing your “life”, the usual daily tasks are so much more fun when you’re traveling in France :)!
    We hung out with another couple at our wedding last night who is moving to France too… yeah. Enjoy Paris for us!

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