Point of Fashion: Sebastien Chabal

Future Mike

by Mike

Meet Sebastian Chabal (aka, Future Mike). He’s a French rugby player and the current ideal man in French advertising:

Pour un Homme

Chabal is almost “cheval” which means “horse” and “cheval” is close to “cheveux” which means “hair.” All of which is very manly.

Now you know what to expect from the pictures next winter.



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4 responses to “Point of Fashion: Sebastien Chabal

  1. Well, since you inherited the hair gene, it should be a great show. I’ll get the popcorn.

  2. JoAnne

    OK, but I kinda like the other guy when you went to South America the first time…..I think it was a picture of an Argentine soccer player?! And Azure was asking what to do with the hair….

  3. tom

    Man, think what kind of mohawk he could have.

  4. Mmmmm Chabal.

    My husband and I spent a month in France in September 2007. That was incidentally when France hosted the Rugby World Cup.

    I had never really watched rugby before, but we were in Paris the night of the opening game between France and Argentina. I watched the ending of the game on television and had the same visceral response to Chabal that every other red blooded woman had.


    Is he powerful. He is the personification of a Frankish warrior-tribal chieftain. Forget “the Caveman” he’s a Frank.

    On another note, if you two are game for checking out unusual points of interest during your travels in France, you might find my blog of interest.

    Just click on the label cloud for France and you’ll see many different posts with a plethora of pix.

    My favorite day was spent hunting down sacred sites associated with an obscure saint (Saint Namphaise) in the Quercy region. We went to three different places including one abbey in ruins that if legend is correct, dates back to the eighth century and the time of Charlemagne. We had it all to ourselves.

    Here’s a link to a few of those posts. You’ll have to scroll to the bottom post first to read it in reverse order of posting.


    Have a fabulous time in France!

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