The Daily Grind


by Azure

The chateau will always need something done on it. When one project is finished, another shows up. I was glad to see that this hadn’t changed since the last time.

Our current project is repainting the windows for the reception hall. The caulk was old, so we took the rotting stuff out and laid new beads. On Tuesday, we will start the painting.

It had been sunny in the mornings with clouds coming in later. It rained the first two nights we were here, but now the forecast calls for blue sky days everyday.

Mike will lay the caulk and I will do the finish work, since I have more experience from boat detailing. His job takes a little less time than mine, so he has some extra time for taking photos around the property or napping.


While you are working, it is common to hear the birds, a particular big man at the chateau likes to talk a lot. Patty will talk back to him, just to show him that he isn’t that big afterall, but he doesn’t get the message. He just keeps cooing.

You also find some kitty problems from time to time which need to be dealt with.


At night, we have found a new best friend in the hot water bottle that Linda gave us. It stays warm and keeps our feet toasty all night long.




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3 responses to “The Daily Grind

  1. JoAnne

    I am really loving the photography!

  2. Kandace Loewen

    That sounds so much like Linda…she’s such a great Mom! So glad you guys get to stay and work on projects….Kandace

    • Oh yes, it has been GREAT getting to know all of them. We had dinner with Linda the other night, just Linda, Mike and I and we really got to see who she is and also got to hear about you from a non-family perspective. It has been wonderful and fun for both of us.


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