Railing shadows





by Mike

Last night I met some very nice railings in the chateau’s stairwell.



Filed under Chateau St. Julien L'Ars, Europe, France, Photography

7 responses to “Railing shadows

  1. JoAnne

    I am really really loving the photography!! I have some wall space available.

  2. Kim

    Oh SOOOOOO love this, awesome job Mike!

  3. Kandace Loewen

    Love the railing photos……scary night scene! Kandace

    • Yeah, sitting in the stairwell for 2 hours at night… I heard all sorts of weird noises. At 1am I swear I heard someone drop something down stairs… it was too much.

  4. How could a place that big, that old, and that full of history NOT be full of the ghostly presences of those there thru the centuries.

    I’d love to sleep in the Joan of Arc room. Well, maybe not sleep, but BE in it at night. Not sure I could sleep.

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