More from the allee


by Mike

Last night we went into the allee (it’s an alley of trees) to take some pictures from inside. Azure said that with two people there it wouldn’t be as frightening so she offered to chaperon me. When she was there it wasn’t as terrifying as it was when I’m alone, in fact it seemed a little silly to be so afraid. We took some nice pictures then started walking back toward the chateau.


I decided I wanted to take a few more pictures but I didn’t want Azure to be bored, so I said she could go back inside since we were so close to the driveway and I was over my fear. Well, that was a bad idea. She went to do some emailing and when I clicked the first shutter for a long exposure (Click, 1, 2, 3, 4….) the night started growing larger and I felt like little eyes were watching me. I heard noises like a tin can being swept in the forest and another bird took off and my heart went from 70 to 150 bpm in a flash. So I ran out of the allee and when I was finally in the open I set up for another picture. I opened the shutter and counted. I heard a noise in the forest again, but then it got really silent. There are really no good options for night in a forest. You don’t want it to be too quite nor too noisy… I was crouching down for the photo and at that moment there was a loud splash behind me that seemed to be coming at me. I turned and in a moment of completely unplanned instinctual response I literally hissed in the direction of the noise.

I thought, “ok, this shit is getting to me,” so I went back to the chateau and found Azure and we walked briskly back to our room.




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4 responses to “More from the allee

  1. Azure

    If it makes you feel any better, I was so scared when I went to the chateau that I had to quickly write my email and run back to you before I went crazy. I played it off of course, but I definitely heard footsteps when no one was walking.

  2. susan goldstein

    Stunning photos…really, some of your best. I’d expect to see these in a glossy travel magazine.

  3. Sue

    dude, could this story be any cuter? very cute, very nice job.

  4. stayed here for one week for my nieces wedding
    will remember it for the rest of my life
    what a beautiful place
    really loved the fire place

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