Last night at the chateau

Just kept working on it until I got it right – I’m happiest with this one.

The flowers at the St. Julien L’Ars cemetery were all fresh and popping.

One of the workers has installed himself in this little room, it’s kinda his home base for the workday. Beautiful walls.

I’m sure not everyone will like this, but it’s one of my faves from the batch. I wanted to create a picture that showed how I saw the Jeanne d’Arc statue with its emotional power, but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it. When I saw the result I was really excited – I’m happy that I’ve learned enough technically that I can start with a picture in my head and bring it into being through the camera. Mmmmaybe I’ll brighten it a bit.

by Mike

A wedding party from LA showed up yesterday so we had to tip-toe around and stay out of the chateau proper. They were playing rap in the dining hall which was evidence of a horrible disconnect. I like rap, but on your first night in a chateau? We could sense that their pace of life was different than ours had become over the course of the trip and it was grating to be around.

Whatev. I’m obviously just territorial (even though the chateau isn’t my territory).

Anyway, we arrived in London safely and are in wonderful Ellen’s wonderful apartment. We walked in and she had a chicken roasting in the oven, herb potatoes and a fennel salad waiting for us. What a welcome! Tonight we’re off to what’s been touted as the best Indian food in London. My whole body is watering at the thought.



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4 responses to “Last night at the chateau

  1. JoAnne

    I can’t believe how fast the time is going now.

  2. Kim

    Yeah! I hope you guys have a great flight home, can’t wait to see you!!! Love you!

  3. Talya

    Mike and Azure!

    I have absolutely loved reading your blog and looking and your spectacular photographs of France. I hope you guys had a wonderful time in Europe! Come visit us in Argentina soon đŸ™‚

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