A weekend in Yakutat, Alaska

I was lucky enough to win* (* from my dad) a trip to Yakutat, Alaska last weekend! The first day we got in we went to the Hubbard Glacier and navigated small icebergs to get close enough to hear the thunder of ice breaking down. The glacier is 70 miles long and we were looking at its mile-long face.

Fred near the Hubbard glacier, Yakutat Alaska

Hubbard Glacier, Yakutat Alaska

The next three days were dedicated to fishing. We would get up around 6:30 and head down to the harbor to meet Tim, our guide & charter. We went out on the saltwater and fished mostly for kings, but we did spend a slow half day looking for halibut.

The Marina, Yakutat Alaska

Mark with fish on, Yakutat Alaska

Halibut gaff, Yakutat Alaska

The kings were huge and tasty. Fred pulled in the largest one at around 40 pounds.

Fred's big catch, Yakutat Alaska

Fish on!, Yakutat Alaska

Cold smoked Sockeye, Yakutat Alaska

This last picture is cold-smoked sockeye. It’s marinated in brown sugar and soy sauce (plus some other stuff) then cold smoked for 8 hours, if I remember right. It was served with soy sauce, sesame oil & lemon, plus some wasabi. Pretty outstanding. It was like the best sashimi you’ve ever had with a complex smoky flavor.

One evening we headed out to the Situk River to try to get a sockeye or two for our own consumption. No luck, but we did see a ton of eagles.

Clipped Wing, Yakutat Alaska

Glory Hole, Situk River, Yakutat Alaska

Dad in a mosquito net, Yakutat Alaska

Some more pictures of the beautiful surroundings:

Near Chicago Harbor, Yakutat Alaska

Near Chicago Harbor, Yakutat Alaska

Near Elanore Cove, Yakutat Alaska

Near the Hubbard Glacier, Yakutat Alaska

Dad looking at the trees, Yakutat Alaska

Coastline, Yakutat Alaska



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5 responses to “A weekend in Yakutat, Alaska

  1. Great photos. Love the mosquito net hat on Arnie.

  2. steinbeckforlovers

    alaska!!! the state we are talking about going to on our NEXT motorcycle adventure (yes, we still have two months to go and we’re already talking about the next one). greetings from the road!

    • Wait, did you guys ever start a blog? I told you I’d read it!

      Alaska would be amazing on a motorcycle… you’ll love it.

      • Manami


        its a patchy start, but ive got:


        unfortunately have no technology with me, and very little access to the internet so I probably wont get to update again until we get home in september! 😛

        have you two departed on your own quarter year yet??

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