A contract for traveling with someone you love.

Cartagena Silhouette, Cartagena, Colombia
Azure’s shadow against a home in Cartagena, Colombia.

Whether you’re traveling with your partner, a family member or a close friend, you GOTTA establish expectations beforehand because chances are you’ll want to tear their throat out just because they eat pudding with a Swiss army knife or something like that. Love the people you love. That’s my motto.

I wrote up these points in the first person (“Here’s what I promise I’ll do”) because I can only be responsible for my own actions & reactions.

    A contract for traveling with someone you love.

Dearest Travel partner,

I love you now before the trip and I’ll love you after the trip despite any disagreements we have on the trip.

To me, a successful trip means _____.
(visiting museums, relaxing, talking to a lot of people, getting drunk and sleeping on benches, renting an apartment, getting a job, finding a spouse, I’m not sure yet).

My budget for the trip is $_____ per day.

I Promise:
I promise to communicate what I want because I know you can’t read my mind.
– I’ll tell you if you’re encroaching on my personal time and space before it becomes an issue.
– I recognize that it’s ok to take regular alone time – because sometimes I don’t want to do what you want to do and vice versa. It’s important we feel we have the freedom to see what we want in a particular place. Also, intense experiences produce emotional pressure, and alone time can diffuse that.
– I’ll continue to communicate my expectations as I become aware of them.

I promise to listen when you communicate what you want because it’s easier than trying to read your mind.
– I won’t take it personally – and I’ll be patient – when you’re having a rough day.
– I’ll be conscious of your personal time and space and try to avoid encroaching on them.
– I’ll be flexible with my plans.

You want to get coffee on Monday? Somewhere quiet, I’m tired of going to Broadway. I feel like I can’t hear myself think.


Travel Partner

Is there anything else you would include, five loyal readers?



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4 responses to “A contract for traveling with someone you love.

  1. Ellen

    If I’m cranky or seem anxious, I probably need to [eat, drink water, go to the bathroom]. It’s okay to remind me about that. If you’re cranky or seem anxious, I might remind you to [eat, drink water, go to the bathroom]. It’s cool.

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