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Sailboat Time!

Hi Everyone!

So Azure and I spent a week or so on Ko Lanta and just loved it – the best thing we did was rent a motorscooter ($5 a day) and scoot all over the island. Most of the people who visit Ko Lanta stay on the west coast of the island, so Az and I made our way over to the east coast and biked through the little towns that aren’t as touristy – old chinese fishing villages, a community that lives in the mangroves (swamp-like forests that protected the community from the tsunami – currently under threat from resource harvesting), groups of monkeys, etc.
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On Sunday, after taking care of a bunch of stuff having to do with stolen credit card information, Az and I flew out of Singapore and directly to Krabi, Thailand. In my first email from Singapore I compared the city to India. That was completely wrong. Singapore is more like a huge shopping mall, with banks here and there. Neither of us liked it much, but when we got to Thailand there were better associations… the smell of burning trash (really, it’s good), mangy dogs (not as good), poorly lit roads… I guess that kind of stuff is growing on me.
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Word of the Day


Word of the day is, “Ican’tbelievethisisfuckinghappening.”

At ten pm Tuesday I got my passport stolen. Continue reading

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Trip starts early!


Hey Everyone.

My trip got off to an exciting start – during our going away dinner, our friends’ car was broken into and my ENTIRE backpack was taken – including passport. We’ll be trying to pull some strings tomorrow, but it looks like we’ll be leaving at least a few days late, unless the US Gov performs a miracle.

At least it’s interesting.


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